Stylish and elegant scarves add color to your look

With the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetics, silk scarves no longer only stay in its warmth function, but more can add color to the shape. Unlike scarves, silk scarves are much thinner and more diversified in style, so whether it’s a lady’s dress or a commuter shirt, it’s easy to navigate.

Chinese wind scarf

The combination of elegant light blue and ink peony patterns, unique and eye-catching, high-quality satin fabric, light and silky, giving a shiny satin luster under the light, no matter what seasons the clothes are generous and elegant.


Pink printed silk scarf

Although it is not the age of a young girl, many women are still irresistible to pink. The beautiful baroque print with pink, set off the skin and temperament, with just the right feminine and feminine unique charm, fashion and personality.


Ribbon silk scarf

This streamlined silk scarf is made of silk fabric, which is comfortable to wear and expresses the texture. The silk scarf is designed with striped elements. The decoration also highlights the woman’s atmosphere. The narrow streamer is more dynamic and feels free to fit between the necks. The neat, tied with a bow at the neck, can also reflect the elegant femininity.


Long arrow shaped ribbon scarf

The ribbon scarf is similar to a long streamer. The ends are usually arrow-shaped or embellished with some decorations. The solid color is the main color, the combination is more casual, simply placed on the neck, or just a knot is very good, reflecting Refreshing and capable. And the slender streamer can visually stretch the neck line and modify the face shape, which has the effect of being tall and slim.


Cotton and linen long square scarf

This long square towel is made of cotton and linen, soft to the touch, comfortable to the skin, strong cotton and linen, even if it is worn in summer, it will not produce a stuffy feeling. It can also be used as a shawl as a scarf. The solid color is easier to match and is very suitable. Concave shape.


Rectangular scarf

The long square scarf is a rectangular silk scarf. This silk scarf is often worn by the fairies between the necks. It is used as a scarf. It is especially suitable for autumn and winter with a coat jacket. It can be worn at the neck or tied with a knot. It is elegant and elegant. Has a certain degree of warmth.


Silk scarf

Silk fabric is soft and silky, and it is more comfortable to wear. Even girls with sensitive skin can wear it. The unique luster of silk makes the silk scarf more textured. The daily matching can show elegance and exquisiteness. The formal occasion can also be gracefully displayed.


Small square scarf

This small square towel is made of pure cotton fabric, soft and breathable, brick red color with plaid pattern, delicate with a retro atmosphere, this small area of the square will not bring bloated drag on the neck, but more Spirit can almost decorate every place, wild and stylish.


Scarves are still a small treasure for your temperament! Put the silk scarf around the neck and let it hang down at will, then use the belt at the waist to tie it up. It can be used to walk and wind. The effect is full, and the level of wearing is also rich. And a lot of smart!